Picking Your Insurance Plan

The process can seem overwhelming if you are having to pick a new health insurance plan, either through work or the marketplace. But there are only a few things that you need to consider, chiefly among them, who will be responsible for your care. If you are a patient of Dr. Joseph Gorz of Neighborhood Primary Care in Lake Orion, MI, and would like to remain one, make sure that the plan you are selecting allows you to keep your primary practitioner.

How to Budget

Important as anything is your budget when shopping for a new plan.

Many people make the mistake of budgeting only for the monthly premium. That is, the payment you are due to the insurance company every month regardless if you take advantage of its services.

The trade-off with lower premiums is a higher deductible payment and also higher out of pocket costs.

You should balance both costs, especially if you require expensive prescription medications, may need to undergo lab work in the coming year or suffer from a chronic illness, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

It's a good idea to try to anticipate your and your family's medical costs for the coming year. It isn't always possible, but do your best to base it on your experience from previous years. You can contact your Lake Orion, MI, doctor, and see if they can help you in this matter.

Keep Your Doctor

The different insurance plans may also limit the doctors you can visit those in their network. Or whether visiting any doctor out of the network will incur heavier costs. It's why it's important to know if the new insurance plan you're considering will allow you to keep visiting the doctors you've come to know and trust. The practice of Dr. Gorz, Neighborhood Primary Care in Lake Orion, MI, participates with most insurance companies, and more are added all the time, so to verify your own, give them a call by dialing (248) 690-9181.


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