Avoiding Overeating on Thanksgiving

Learn some helpful tips to keep yourself from overeating on Thanksgiving. 

While Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, let’s be honest, this holiday is also a time to eat. Of course, whether you are looking to drop a few pounds, maintain a healthy weight or you just do not want to go overboard this holiday season, you’re probably looking for advice on how to enjoy without overdoing it. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you get to enjoy the holidays without the guilt (or stomachache).

Don’t Skip Meals 

While it might seem like a good idea to skip your regular meals throughout the day to save room for Thanksgiving dinner this is a one-way ticket to overeating. If you are hungry the best thing you can do is get something to eat. If you leave yourself ravenous before dinner you’re going to eat more than you probably want to.

Indulge in Moderation 

Thanksgiving dinner is loaded with a lot of delicious favorites, both savory and sweet, and while you may vow to avoid any temptations, restricting yourself may actually have the opposite effort and lead overeating (whether now or later). If someone brought your favorite pie or dish to dinner, it’s okay to enjoy a slice or moderate helping without completely sidetracking your health and fitness goals.

Drink Water 

Did you know that sometimes what we think is hunger is actually our brains telling us that we are dehydrated? Since many people don’t get the proper amount of water they need each day it’s possible that you are mistaking your body’s thirst and hunger cues. Stay hydrated throughout the day and make sure to drink water while eating.

Slow Down and Savor 

It also takes our stomachs time to register that we are full; therefore, we often keep eating long after we should have stopped. To prevent overeating, eat slowly and really take time to enjoy each bite (after all, you and your family worked hard to make these dishes). Wait 20 minutes after eating to see if you are still hungry or whether you are completely satiated.

Limit Alcohol

Alcohol is a popular beverage, especially during the holidays, but too much can certainly have detrimental effects. Drinking can increase your appetite and make it more difficult to turn down those temptations.

You want to celebrate and enjoy the holidays without concern; however, this is also cold and flu season. If you find yourself feeling under the weather turn to our medical team to get the care you need.

The information is provided to you by Dr. Joe Gorz at Neighborhood Primary Care.


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