Stay Safe and Healthy this Halloween

Halloween doesn’t need to be scary for your child’s health.

It’s that time of the year again as homes are decorated with glowing pumpkins. I want to make sure that your child enjoys all the treats of Halloween without any of the tricks. Keep these helpful tips in mind to prevent Halloween mishaps.

Choose Reflective Costumes

You want your children to be free to express themselves how they want. While there are certain costumes that are bright and reflective all on their own, there are other costumes that aren’t as easy to see. Avoid the dreaded costume fight and just apply reflective tape on your child’s costume so that others can easily see them. Also, provide them with a flashlight that contains brand new batteries.

Keep Allergies in Mind

If your child has food allergies, Halloween can be a particularly stressful time; however, they can still take part in the festivities. Just make sure that you go through their candy and chocolate carefully to determine whether it’s safe for your child. Play it safe and if the candy doesn’t have a label or doesn’t list ingredients, then you’ll want to just toss it.

Check their Treats

Be sure to inspect their candy after they are finished trick or treating and remove any candy that isn't sealed or is a choking hazard for younger children. They will be tempted to overindulge, so have a candy treat to give them at the end of the night or let them choose from among the candy they received and save the rest for later.

Accompany Your Child

We know that kids want to be independent but youngsters who wish to trick-or-treat should be accompanied by an adult at all times. Sure, it’s certainly easier to send your child with an older sibling; however, an adult should accompany kids under 12. Use your discretion and make sure that even older children don’t trick-or-treat alone. Remember: safety in numbers.

Take Safety Precautions with Costumes

Masks might seem cool but they can also obstruct your child’s eyesight. Instead of a mask, apply non-toxic face paint. If your child is carrying around a play sword or weapon, make sure that no parts are too sharp and could endanger a child, especially in the cause of a fall. Any makeup that you apply should be tested ahead of time to make sure that your child isn’t sensitive to the product before the big day.

As always, we hope your children enjoy this fun, festive day. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s health call (248) 690-9181. From checkups to urgent care, we have your child or teen covered.

The information is provided to you by Dr. Joe Gorz at Neighborhood Primary Care.


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